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3D Design - We provide a professional 3D detailed design of your kitchen so you can see it even before we start working on it.
Kitchens. At Home, we spend most of out time in the kitchen. So why not make it both beautiful and functional by choosing the design from a wide selection of natural stone surfaces. Whether granite or marble, natural stone holds up beautifully to daily demands of the kitchen environment. It is also a practical solution that resists stains well. And the versatility of natural stone is ideal for a wide range of surfaces found in kitchens, such as sinks, counter tops, back splashes and center islands. Let Omega Stone Work, LLC show you how to create a stunning kitchen with a luxurious feel.
Bathroom. When it comes to bathroom, natural surface brings out the best! Granite, marble, travertine and other natural materials add beauty and a touch of luxury to every bathroom. And because bathrooms are one of the most frequently used areas in the house, durability and resistance to water, soap and cleaning products are also important. Simply put, the right material will ensure your counter tops, shower or bath will not only look rich and luxurious but also last much longer than other materials. At Omega Stone Work, LLC we are experiences in the design, selection of the right materials and installation. We bring it all together... every time.
Outdoors Living. Today's lifestyle brings together style and functionality, both indoors and outdoors. So creative outdoor living, dining and entertaining space is becoming an integral part of a full home experience. And what fits the outdoors better than natural stone? This creative approach to living makes a distinctive statement of relaxed style. From outdoor kitchens and cooking areas to fireplaces, stone and granite provide a beautiful way to live outdoors. Let Omega Stone Work, LLS make your outdoor living areas beautiful and functional.

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