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New York, 16 Penn Plaza, NY 10001

Since 1939 Barbizon has been the industry leader in modeling and acting instruction, as well as, self-improvement. Barbizon Manhattan trains individuals to "BE A MODEL or Just Look Like One". Barbizon Manhattan can enrich your life regardless of your ultimate goals by showing you the skills, confidence, respect and attractiveness necessary to be successful. Barbizon graduates can be seen on countless TV shows, movies, runways and international magazines. People from Ms. Universe to Miss USA have benefitted from Barbizon instruction. We are licensed by the NYS Education Department. Barbizon is a member of the both the Better Business Bureau and the NY Chamber of Commerce. Our placement service is free to our graduates and represents them directly to our clients.
It's not's Barbizon.

Informacje kontaktowe
Telefon: 212-239-1110

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